Artisan Roast - Blackbird Blend
Artisan Roast

Artisan Roast - Blackbird Blend

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This meticulously crafted blend unfolds with the deep, sun-dried sweetness of black raisin, transporting you to tales of ancient vineyards kissed by the sun. This initial depth is elevated by the velvety richness of toffee candy, reminiscent of cherished moments, chats over roti pisang kaya, and the comforting embrace of childhood kuih. But we don't stop there. As your journey progresses, the aromatic crunch of mixed fruit granola emerges, evoking honeymoon mornings of serenity, sunlit breakfast tables, and happily ever after.

Designed to work both with milk and without: the deep bass of the Wahana Estate notes punch through milk despite being a lighter roast, giving us toffee and raisins; the Sitio Gourita lends fruit and nuts to the mix and makes this a great coffee for drinking black. Both typically uncompromising in quality, it remains an eternal favourite, enchanting and unwavering, throughout the years.

60% Brazil Sitio Gourita
40% Indonesia Wahana Estate

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