Assembly Coffee - Colombia, Golden Drops 48hr Fermentation
Assembly Coffee - Colombia, Golden Drops 48hr Fermentation
Assembly Coffee - Colombia, Golden Drops 48hr Fermentation
Assembly Coffee

Assembly Coffee - Colombia, Golden Drops 48hr Fermentation

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Taste Notes: Stone fruits + Lime + Fresh.

Producer — Jhoan Vergara at Las Flores
Region — Huila, south-west Colombia
Varietal — Yellow Bourbon
Terroir — 1750 masl, warm tropical climate
Process — 24hr fermentation in cherry + 48hr fermentation in mucilage, semi-washed

Illustrated with: Planque
We invite people we work with to taste coffees before they're released, to help define the tasting notes that inform the brush stroke illustration for the coffee. For this coffee, we invited the team at east London restaurant and wine lounge, Planque.

Recommended brewing
Best: Pour over with the Orea Brewer V3
Great: Filter (batch brew, french press)
Very good: Espresso

Las Flores
Founded in 1990 by Edilberto Vergara and Nubia Ayure, Las Flores benefits from the high range of temperatures of the San Isidor microclimate. Sat up at 1750 masl, the farm experiences acutely hot days and chilly nights. Stressed by the notable swing in temperatures, over time coffee plants on Las Flores regularly mature with markedly high levels of glucose.

Over recent years, Edilberto and Nubia's son Jhoan has had great success taking advantage of and promoting the inherent characteristics of Las Flores' coffees with extended, controlled fermentation methods. For this coffee, Don Jhoan developed a post-harvest process consisting of an in-cherry 36-hour dry fermentation, pulping, and then a further 48-hour fermentation before being dried.

In the cup, the sweetness and complexity of the Yellow Bourbon varietal shine through. This coffee has notes of lime and lemon zest when hot, and then raspberry, tomato and kefir as it cools. A remarkable drop.

Coffees are whole bean as standard. If you'd like your coffee ground please specify for which brewing style in the notes at checkout and we'll grind fresh.

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