Assembly Coffee - Colombia William Cruz
Assembly Coffee

Assembly Coffee - Colombia William Cruz

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Taste Notes: Rose + Dates + Tea like

  • Producer — William Cruz
  • Region — Huila
  • Varietal — Pink Bourbon
  • Terroir — 1400-1600 masl, tropical rainforest climate, loamy soil
  • Process — Washed

William Cruz’s Finca Jericó spreads out over 23 hectares of biodiverse forest and farmland in the village of Los Angeles, Huila, southern Colombia. Since the Cruz family acquired the farm in the late 1990s, William, his siblings and their parents have worked tirelessly to ensure Finca Jericó produces high-quality, low-impact crop.

And now William is in position to take the farm forward into the future, producing high cup-scoring coffees with care, attention to detail and skill honed as his knowledge of the specialty market has developed in recent years.

On Jericó, Pink Bourbon coffees are fermented in cherry for 12 hours before being pulped and then further fermented in tanks for 38 hours. They are then washed twice so that only the coffee bean remains and then dried before being packed.

In the cup this coffee has notes of dates, orange and rose. And there’s a subtle lemon acidity that carries through the cup, a prominent characteristic of washed coffees from the Huila region.

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