Assembly Coffee - El Salvador, Divina Providencia
Assembly Coffee

Assembly Coffee - El Salvador, Divina Providencia

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Taste Notes: White Grape, Sweet Mango, Zesty

  • Farm — Divina Providencia
  • Region — Santa Ana, El Salvador
  • Producer — Roberto Ulloa
  • Process — 2-stage Anaerobic/ Washed
  • Varietal — SL28
  • Altitude — 1700 masl

Roberto Ulloa took over the Divina Providencia farm 9 years ago and, in short time, became internationally renowned for both quality processing and an innovative approach to farming and varietals. Now in our fourth year of trading with Roberto, via Rodolfo Ruffatti Batlle,  we're thrilled to have been a part of this growth and are proud to visit him each year prior to sharing his coffees to the UK. 

 Earlier this year we visited Roberto and and Nick, alongside Rodolfo, had the chance to process this Kenyan varietal using a bespoke combination of anaerobic and washed processes to create a profile of inherent natural sweetness but with zingy and clean citrus acidity.

In the 2020 El Salvadorian Cup Of Excellence, where record prices were fetched for auction winners, Roberto took home first place with his anaerobic Pacamara. Congratulations Roberto!

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