Assembly Coffee - El Salvador, Rodolfo Ruffatti
Assembly Coffee - El Salvador, Rodolfo Ruffatti
Assembly Coffee - El Salvador, Rodolfo Ruffatti
Assembly Coffee

Assembly Coffee - El Salvador, Rodolfo Ruffatti

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Tastes like
Citrus fruits + Vanilla + Zingy

Producer — Rodolfo Ruffatti at Finca El Salvador
Region — Apaneca-Ilamatepec mountain range
Terroir — 1700 masl, tropical climate
Process — Pulped Natural, Natural
Varietal(s) — Multiple Bourbon varietals

Recommended brewing
Best: Espresso
Great: Filter (batch brew, french press)
Very good: Pour over with the Orea Brewer V3

While this coffee's inherent solubility means it shines as an espresso, we roasted it to a custom profile to ensure it also tastes immaculate as a filter brew. If you are brewing as espresso, we recommend resting the coffee for at least 14 days before using to access its full flavour potential.

Finca El Salvador
Arriving from Italy in the 1920s, Luigi Risso had grand plans to open an espresso bar in San Salvador. Quickly, his heart lead him away from the bright lights of the city and up into the coffee-growing hills of the Apaneca-Ilamatepec mountain range. It was here he founded Finca El Salvador.

A century and five generations on, Luigi's great-great-grandson Rodolfo Ruffatti is at the helm. Taking over full-time management of the farm in 2020 after his father's retirement, Rodolfo has set about splitting the farm into 50% micro-lot and exotic varietals, 50% high volume pulped natural and natural lots.

Rodolfo's work is producing really exceptional coffees, over the past few years we've a number of beautiful lots. This latest coffee is a blend of naturally sweet Bourbon varietals that has a flavour profile full of citrus fruits and vanilla.

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