Assembly Coffee - Ethiopia Kennisa
Assembly Coffee

Assembly Coffee - Ethiopia Kennisa

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Roasted on 25 Jan - 2 Feb 2022.
Tastes like Sweet spice + Floral + Complex
Producers — Kennisa Cooperative
Region — Jimma, western Ethiopia
Terroir — 2100 masl, 19.7 degrees Celcius*, tropical monsoon climate
Process — Washed
Varietal — Mixed Heirloom

*Jimma mean yearly temperature 1991-2005

Illustrated with: Runa's Coffee
We invite people we work with to taste coffees before they're released, to help define the tasting notes that inform the brush stroke illustration for the coffee. For this coffee we invited Runa Roberts, owner of Kingsland Road's favourite weekend coffee cart. Serving coffees outside VFDalston, the area's famous LGBTQ+ entertainment and arts hub, Runa's Coffee keeps the local residents caffeinated come rain or shine.

Kennisa is the Oromifa (a language native to the Ethiopian state of Oromia) word for bee and this undoubtedly reflects the efficient and communal nature of this collective of 350 micro-entrepreneurs.

The Kennisa collective sits at 2000-2100 metres above sea level and this high altitude provides a cooler temperature, prolonging the growing cycle and helping to develop a more complex, mature cherry.

Once picked, eco-pulpers and drying racks are turned by hand and then modern equipment is used to remove the parchment layer and grade the coffee by density and size ahead of export. 

The collective is supported by the Kata Mudunga Union farmer’s co-operative - a community that provides significant technological and financial support to local producers.

The farmers within the collective have produced a fine example of a washed Ethiopian coffee. This is a cup bursting with stone fruit, floral notes, and a rounded citric acidity.

The Kata Muduga Union 
Named after the what is widely recognised as the birthplace of coffee, The Kata Muduga Union was founded in 2016 by 35 farming cooperatives and spans five districts in the Jimma zone, south-western Ethiopia. Within the Union close to 20,000 farmers work across 60,000 hectares of land at altitudes between 1800-2300 masl.

The Union exists to improve the life standard of member farmers by increasing household income – it consistently pays its farmers some of the highest prices in the country. Marketing and administrative training and support is provided, and there is full transparency on both Union costs and the payments returned to producers.

Export-related expenses (transport, materials) make up 5% of the costs and another 5% goes towards the Union’s commission that supports its development. The remaining 90% of export proceeds go directly to the cooperative. Seventy percent of that then goes to members as dividends and the remaining 30% pays for cooperative expenses and social projects including the building of schools, constructing roads and clean water supply.

You'll have the best of this Ethiopian if you treat yourself to a pour over. We recommend 17.5g of medium-coarse ground coffee for 280ml of filtered water. Our pour over brewer of choice is the Orea Brewer but you'll do well with Kalita or V60, too.

Coffees are whole bean as standard. If you'd like your coffee ground please specify for which brewing style in the notes at checkout and we'll grind fresh.

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