Assembly Coffee - House Single Espresso
Assembly Coffee

Assembly Coffee - House Single Espresso

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Taste Notes: Pear. Honey. Luscious.

The Assembly Espresso, as always, is the result of a collective process which draws on direct input from the best independent cafes in the UK. Together we have arrived at a 'brief' to offer a versatile house espresso which is characterised by clean sweetness but with a rich and balanced body - equally enjoyable either as espresso or with milk.

  • Farm — Finca Las Brumas
  • Region — Cordillera Del Balsamo, El Salvador
  • Producer  — Productor Coffee + Aldo Parducci
  • Process —Honey
  • Varietal — Red Bourbon
  • Altitude — 1275 masl

We've been working with Aldo Parducci since 2015. IN this time Aldo has invested significantly in quality practices on his land including multiple collection and drying stations across the farm for decreased transport times, a comprehensive variety garden and extensive native shade tree programmes.

This particular lot is processed year on year to consistently deliver profiles of fresh and bright ripe peaches and baked green apples. There are nutty notes too, and a lingering taste of sweet, rich dates along with pear and honey notes. This unique flavour is achieved on Aldo Parducci’s family-run farm, where shade-grown coffee is hand-picked over 80 hectares. Las Brumas lies in the mountainous Cordillera Del Balsamo region, and Aldo’s goal is to maintain his sustainable and eco-friendly business so that it can be inherited by his children

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