Assembly Coffee - Kenya, Wahundura
Assembly Coffee

Assembly Coffee - Kenya, Wahundura

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Taste Notes: Raisin, Raspberry, Dense.

  • Cooperative — Wahundura
  • Region — Kiiraini, Murang'a, Kenya
  • Process — Washed
  • Varietals — SL28
  • Altitude — 1700 masl

The Wahundurua Wet Mill (referred to as Factory in Kenya) is one of four factories owned and operated by the Kamacharia Farmers’ Cooperative Society (FCS) which collectively buys coffee cherry from over 5,800 small holding families. Wahundura specifically sources coffee from 1,100 smallholder farmers who have farms located between 1750 and 1850 masl.

At the Wahundura Factory, manager Catharine Wahu and her 5 permanent staff process the cherries that are hand picked and delivered on the same day. They are then hand-sorted to ensure optimum ripeness and remove any defected cherries and then digitally weighed and recorded so that the farmer can receive receipt of their delivery.

The coffees are ‘de-pulped’ to remove fruit and then weighed again to separate the highest density and quality beans. These are then dry fermented for approximately 8 hours before being placed in washing tanks to complete their fermentation.

This processing may sound tedious but it ensures not only very high quality coffee but also uniformly high quality and are very clean cup profile to enhance the natural acidity of the high altitude SL28 variety beans.

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