Assembly Coffee - Limited Edition: Abel Gomez Geisha
Assembly Coffee - Limited Edition: Abel Gomez Geisha
Assembly Coffee

Assembly Coffee - Limited Edition: Abel Gomez Geisha

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Roasted on 25 Jan - 2 Feb 2022.
Tastes like Champagne + Candy + Sticky

Illustrated with: Just Between Friends
We invite people we work with to taste coffees before they're released, to help define the tasting notes that inform the brush stroke illustration for the coffee. For this coffee we invited Just Between Friends.

Just Between Friends is a multi-site independent coffee outlet based in Manchester, UK. Since opening her first site in 2018, owner Izzy Wallis has created a warm, welcoming atmosphere that has helped her open a further two sites, and won Just Between Friends a large, loyal customer base.

Abel Gomez
You'll find Abel Gomez's farm Guayacanes de San Lorenzo in the San Lorenzo municipality in the Narino region of eastern Colombia. A third generation coffee farmer, Abel is into his 13th year of farming. And while he is undoubtedly one of the old-school producers, he has a passion for embracing new farming techniques and coffee production processes.

He has a particular interest in how the manipulation of fermentation can affect the quality of his coffees, something for which he has a natural instinct - his fermentation process is executed without the use of any technology. Like many of the elder generation of Colombian coffee farmers he trusts his taste, smell and sight to tell him when the coffee is ready.

Abel has resisted attempts to transform Colombia's coffee-growing regions into mono-culture farming that is focused solely on a more resilient, higher-yield plant type (Castillo). There is admirable courage in Abel's decision to work with rarer, more delicate varietals (Geisha, Caturra). And he nurtures his crop without the use of the chemical fertilisers that have been depended on for years by many producers across the country.

This coffee has a bright and lime-forward zingy acidity - the standout quality of coffees from the Narino region - and the classic syrupy, sticky body of a high-quality Geisha.

This coffee lends itself to the pour over method to promote the sweet acidity of the coffee, particularly when brewed with the Orea Brewer. We suggest 18g of medium-coarse ground coffee for 300ml of water at 98°C. It will also pose an excellent cup with all other filter brewing methods, particularly V60 and Kalita.

Coffees are whole bean as standard. If you'd like your coffee ground, please specify for which brewing style in the notes at checkout and we'll grind fresh.

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