Assembly Coffee - Mexico, Bonifacio Morin Washed
Assembly Coffee - Mexico, Bonifacio Morin Washed
Assembly Coffee

Assembly Coffee - Mexico, Bonifacio Morin Washed

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Taste Notes: Stewed berries + Apple + Rich.

  • Producers — Oaxacan Smallholders
  • Region — Huautla de Jimenez, Sierra Mazateca, Oaxaca, Mexico
  • Terroir  —  1500 masl,  19.7 degrees Celcius*, sub-tropical climate
  • Process — Washed
  • Varietals — Typica, Caturra

*Huautla de Jimenez mean yearly temperature

Illustrated with: Stewart Morrin

We invite people we work with to taste coffees before they're released, to help define the tasting notes that inform the brush stroke illustration for the coffee. For this coffee we invited one of the Assembly crew - Stewart Morrin. The opportunity to have Bonifacio Morin illustrated with Stewart Morrin was one we couldn’t pass up.

Bonifacio Morin

This coffee comes from a group of smallholder producers in the mountainous region of northern Oaxaca. The vast majority of Mexico’s 500,000 coffee producers have one hectare or less of land on which they grow coffee. This means farm names are rare and instead villages have a communal, structured approach to production.

In the cup we find this coffee has rich berry and caramel notes, and clear apple acidity.

Mexican coffee

While Chiapas and Oaxaca are Mexico’s leading coffee-producing states, they are also the two poorest. 60-80% of Oaxaca’s population live in poverty. 20-40% face extreme poverty - defined by the World Bank as living on less than $1.90 per person per day.

The past ten years have been particularly hard for Oaxacan coffee producers, coffee leaf rust disease and the lack of financial or agricultural means to tackle it has reduced production by up to 90%. Coffee farming is becoming increasingly unsustainable, leading to widespread migration from rural communities to urban hubs in Mexico and the United States.

Coffee exporters Raw Material are working to help save what is a disappearing industry. They pay producers upwards of the standard local market price for green coffee, typically paying $6.26 p/kg (more than double the Fairtrade minimum price of $3.08 p/kg).

Improvements to payment systems have been followed by building stable demand from coffee roasters and improving yields and production processes. Their next stage of development focuses on a tree rejuvenation programme that will replace low-yield ageing trees with new, higher-yield trees. The aim is larger volumes of coffee cherry and therefore more profit for producers.

In 2020 Raw Material invited Mexican coffee producer groups to choose the animals that they felt were most symbolic to where their coffee is grown, and have them depicted on the sacks used to transport the coffee. The producers of this coffee chose the Venado, or White-tailed deer. Check out the beautiful design here.


As with the majority of our coffees, this coffee can be brewed as espresso and as filter. Brew with the Orea Brewer for a funky, fruity cup or run on espresso to unlock the rich, sweet chocolate flavours.

Coffees are whole bean as standard. If you'd like your coffee ground, please specify for which brewing style in the notes at check out and we'll grind fresh. 

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