Assembly Coffee - Rwanda, Gisheke
Assembly Coffee - Rwanda, Gisheke
Assembly Coffee - Rwanda, Gisheke
Assembly Coffee

Assembly Coffee - Rwanda, Gisheke

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Tastes like:
Red berries + Fig + Syrupy

Producers — Nyamasheke smallholder farmers
Region — Nyamasheke district
Varietal — Red Bourbon
Terroir — 1650-1850 masl, 24 degrees Celcius, tropical savanna climate
Process — Natural

Recommended brewing
Best: Pour over with the Orea Brewer V3
Great: Filter (batch brew, Chemex)
Very good: Espresso

Freshly-ground beans will help you to brew a cup full of flavour, check out our selection of manual and electric coffee grinders.

Rwandan coffee
A hundred years since the first crop was introduced to Rwanda, today 450,000 smallholder farmers rely on coffee for their main source of income. In recent years, as the country has recovered from the economic crisis of the 1980s and the devastating genocide of 1994, its economy (with coffee production a key driver) has become one of the most stable in the region.

Extensive government support, investment from NGOs and private companies, and the sheer hard work and expertise of its coffee producers has helped to position Rwanda as one of the most prized coffee-growing origins on the planet.

Nyamasheke and Gisheke
Kissing the shoreline of Lake Kivu - one of Africa's seven great lakes - the fertile soils of western Rwanda's Nyamasheke district contribute to ideal growing conditions for some of the world's most prized coffees.

This specific lot came through the Gisheke washing station - a facility renowned for it's naturally-processed coffees. Positioned between two steep hills, a consistent wind flow helps to reduce the moisture content of beans drying while still encased in their surrounding flesh and skin.

The result is a cup with all the sweet, syrupy hallmarks of a high-quality Red Bourbon varietal. Delicious.


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