Black White Roasters - Bombe Natural
Black White Roasters

Black White Roasters - Bombe Natural

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Origin | Bombe, Bensa, Ethiopia

Producer | various smallholders in Bombe

Processing Station | Bombe Drying Station

Process | Natural

Variety | 74112

NOTES  | Raspberry Jam, Tangerine, Peach Tea.


MEET THE PRODUCER | This coffee is sourced from the village of Bombe Kebele in the Bensa Woreda district of the Sidama zone in Ethiopia. Its namesake - the mountain of Bombe - provides the beans with excellent growing conditions. Sidama is in the south of the country, and coffees from this region have been regular features on the Black and White Coffee menu.

TRUST THE PROCESS | This coffee was processed using traditional Ethiopian natural processing protocols. 

TAKE A SIP | Like so many of our beloved Ethiopian coffees, this one is floral and fruity, reminding us of peach tea. But, unlike so many of our beloved natural Ethiopian coffees, it's also pretty clean and citrusy, like tangerines. Red fruit notes like red raspberry are abundant on the palette, and the overall experience is a true delight.

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