Black White Roasters - Mahiga
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Black White Roasters - Mahiga

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Kenyan coffee can be a bit... polarizing. With flavor profiles that have a propensity toward the savory (think: tomatoes, herbs), Kenyan coffees are often intensely acidic and very lightly roasted, leaving us with a cup of coffee that sort of shouts at us while we're trying to wake up in the morning. Some people love this unique profile - in fact, the largest exporter of Kenyan coffee almost exclusively exports lots which meet this criteria. But there are others - like many people at our own cupping table - who weren't even sure they liked Kenyan coffees because of this. 

Earlier this season, we introduced a really lovely Kenyan coffee called Gichichi, which we felt embodied the things we DO like about Kenyan coffee while omitting the things we didn't care for (looking at you, tomatoes...). Today, we are so excited to share another example of that alternate flavor profile with you, brought to us by the smallholders at Mahiga Wet Mill and our friends at Atlantic Specialty Coffee. Thoroughly approachable and beautifully balanced, Mahiga is precisely what we wish we tasted in more Kenyan coffees today.

Processing: Fully ripe cherries are pulped, fermented, and washed. Then, the lot is dried slowly over 2-3 weeks until the moisture content is reduced to 10-12% before being delivered to the dry mill. 

In the cup: Hold the savory, marinara sauce vibes! You won't find those here. This coffee is crazy sweet, pleasantly acidic, and 100% crushable. The sweet-citrus note reminded us of pineapple jam, while flavors of brown sugar and black currant (which is certainly a tip of the hat to more traditional Kenyan flavor profiles) complete the experience. 

Wet Mill | Mahiga Wet Mill

Producers | 501 smallholders from the Rukira Village

Process | washed

Variety | SL28, SL34, Ruiru 11, Batian

Elevation | 1840 masl

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