Code Black - Colombia Familia Riviera Espresso
Code Black

Code Black - Colombia Familia Riviera Espresso

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Tasting Note:
Apple, Citrus, White Grape and Caramel. 


Colombia, Antioquia, Caicedo, El Hato.




El Retiro, owned by the Riviera family has been producing coffee for decades. Established over 40 years ago the entire family has been raised amongst the family business.

Gustavo De Jesus, the family patriarch who began the business works the land with his two eldest sons Over and Duvan. They have continued to assist their father in farming and processing all the coffee from their lands. They hand select, pulp and ferment their cherry on site, within their own micro-beneficio. This lot was fermented for 48hours, and dried over 10-18 days on parabolic beds.

El Hato was once overlooked for its location and suitability for coffee due to its high elevations and cool temperatures. Gustavo’s choice to plant Caturra over Castillo or Colombia varietals worked in his favour and to this day, continues to only cultivate Caturra varietals exclusively.

El Hato has some of the highest elevations of Caicedo, and many farmers bought here due to necessity and affordability of land. The Federacion Nacional de Cafeteros de Colombia or FNC once believed it was impossible for coffee to survive in such a cool climate, but the growers adapted to the environment. The coffee is grown on the sides of deep canyons which trap warm currents circulating to higher ground, while the cool night temperatures slow down cellular respiration which results in sweeter cups. Remarkable strategies and attributes such as these have allowed the area to now be recognised for incredible cup qualities and characteristics.

Muthuthuini Factory is operated by the Ruthaka Farmers Cooperative Society, which has 3,557 members delivering cherry to seven factories or washing stations. The farmers in this area of Nyeri grow coffee in fertile red volcanic soil.

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