Colonna Coffee - Congo Kalungo [Foundation Filter]
Colonna Coffee

Colonna Coffee - Congo Kalungo [Foundation Filter]

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The perfect example of a fully-washed, high-quality Bourbon DRC lot.

Located on the shores of Lake Kivu, the Kalungu washing station serves 380 smallholders dotted amongst the mountains that rise from the water’s edge. Part of the Coopérative Agricole des Producteurs de Café du Kivu (CAPCKI), of which 44% are women, these producers deliver cherry to the station before de-pulping and drying begins. It is then washed, graded and left to ferment in water tanks, with the coffee finally dried on raised beds over twenty-five days.

South Kivu benefits from incredibly fertile soil making the area a rich location for farming, with compost primarily being the only fertiliser needed. Each producer has on average less than a single hectare, so other crops are grown alongside coffee to provide a stable income year-round.

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