Colonna Coffee - Costa Rica Finca Colorado H1 [Discovery Filter]
Colonna Coffee

Colonna Coffee - Costa Rica Finca Colorado H1 [Discovery Filter]

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A floral, effervescent and juicy cup of the intriguing Centroamericano H1 cultivar, with incredibly clean natural processing.

In Carrical Alajuela between the Poas and Barva volcanoes, rests the fertile Finca Colorado Springs farm. Now run by Patrica Dada and her son Dariush Barinju the property spans 50 hectares with 30% now dedicated to coffee production, growing Caturra alongside microlots of Gesha and Centroamericano H1.

Each year the harvest increases as production levels slowly change, making sure at every step to keep the quality at the very highest level. The Costa Rican volcanic soils, an abundance of water from the river crossing the farm and the area’s elevation make for ideal growing conditions and we’re excited to taste more from these superb producers.

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