Colonna Coffee - El Durazno White Honey, Guatemala [Discovery Espresso]
Colonna Coffee

Colonna Coffee - El Durazno White Honey, Guatemala [Discovery Espresso]

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This White Honey Bourbon provides a super sweet cup, with rounded acidity and a clean nutty finish.

Roasted on 27 Sept 2021.

Whilst the Ventura family have been growing coffee for over five generations, El Durazno is only a young farm, with their first cropping season coming in just 2018. In 2012 the farm did not have a single coffee plant to its name with most of the land dedicated to forestry.

With changing temperatures and abundant rainfall in Guatemala early harvests proved challenging, with leaf rust and lower yields a constant problem for the team. Thankfully more recent years have proven bountiful, allowing forward-thinking projects around irrigation and fertiliser on the farm to progress happily, all aimed at providing more delicious lots in future years.

Please note: this coffee will be shipped in interim packaging as we await our new bags.

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