Colonna Coffee - Finca La Colombia Honey Gesha [Filter]
Colonna Coffee - Finca La Colombia Honey Gesha [Filter]
Colonna Coffee

Colonna Coffee - Finca La Colombia Honey Gesha [Filter]

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More floral and heady than many Gesha lots we have tried, this honey-process cup was a wonderful surprise on the table.

Our Gesha journey takes us next to Finca La Colombia, and the country’s famous Antioquia region. Much larger than the typical farms of the region, the estate dedicates 52 hectares exclusively to coffee plantation with 20 set aside as a natural reserve. The majority of the farm is planted with Caturra, however smaller quantities within specialised gardens are filled with more unique varietals, including the Gesha micro-lot showcased here.

Management of a farm this size is no easy task, and Gonzalo, the man in charge, has honed his craft over the last eight years. All coffee is handpicked, with the farm employing more than eighty workers every season.

We are always excited to taste the latest Gesha samples on the cupping table, and when this honey-processed lot was presented, we couldn’t quite believe it. This lot showcases an incredibly layered, floral, heady profile, even for a Gesha. It still manages to keep a beautiful silky body, however the citrus-notes often provided by the varietal are here exchanged for blossom-like tones and a more aromatic sweetness. The coffee has elegance, taking you on a journey of flavour from start to finish, and making it a real standout in the genre.

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