Colonna Coffee - Guji Goru Muda [Discovery Filter]
Colonna Coffee

Colonna Coffee - Guji Goru Muda [Discovery Filter]

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A classically-floral Ethiopian Guji profile from this washed Heirloom lot.

A lot from the Goru Muda sub-area of Harsu Muda kebele in the Guji region of Ethiopia, this coffee was collected from multiple smallholders, each responsible for a small parcel of land populated with Heirloom-varietal plants.

Part of a growing association overseen by Welichu Wachu Industry PLC, this grants producers access to the mills across the district, allowing for high-quality care in the processing stage of their coffeeโ€™s journey. At the Muda Tatesta station the cherries are floated for sorting, before pulping and fermenting stages lead to the final full wash. The coffee is then sun dried to 11% humidity before being prepped for export.

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