Colonna Coffee - Guji Goru Muda [Discovery Filter]
Colonna Coffee

Colonna Coffee - Guji Goru Muda [Discovery Filter]

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A classically-floral Ethiopian Guji profile from this washed Heirloom lot.

A lot from the Goru Muda sub-area of Harsu Muda kebele in the Guji region of Ethiopia, this coffee was collected from multiple smallholders, each responsible for a small parcel of land populated with Heirloom-varietal plants.

Part of a growing association overseen by Welichu Wachu Industry PLC, this grants producers access to the mills across the district, allowing for high-quality care in the processing stage of their coffee’s journey. At the Muda Tatesta station the cherries are floated for sorting, before pulping and fermenting stages lead to the final full wash. The coffee is then sun dried to 11% humidity before being prepped for export.

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