Colonna Coffee - Los Pirineos SL28 Anaerobic [Rare Filter]
Colonna Coffee

Colonna Coffee - Los Pirineos SL28 Anaerobic [Rare Filter]

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A fascinating, unusual cup with bright, Kenyan-like acidity and a floral, sweet base from the El Salvadorian origin. A unique offering from an expert producer.

Roastdate 5 Jan 

Sitting on the slopes of a lone volcano, Los Pirineos farm in the Usulután department of El Salvador enjoys a unique position, with a microclimate perfect for coffee-cultivation. Sun-filled days and cool breezes allow for optimum production, processing and drying, with beds raised to sit within natural wind-tunnels between the peaks.

Diego Baraona, the farm’s owner, keeps a seedling garden and nursery with approximately 70 varieties being cared for. It is exciting to see an SL28 cultivar lot outside of Kenya, providing a fascinating cup profile when combined with the terroir of El Salvador.

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