Colonna Coffee - Mutero AA [Discovery Espresso]
Colonna Coffee

Colonna Coffee - Mutero AA [Discovery Espresso]

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With a brighter profile than its AB twin, this washed AA lot showcases the zingier, vibrant side of Kenyan coffee.

Owned and operated by Alvan Mutero, the Mutero coffee estate was established six decades ago with four-thousand trees. Sat within Kirinyaga county, the land now boasts nine-thousand SL28 cultivar plants, after an expansion in 2005, and is a testament to Alvanโ€™s careful maintenance and passion for his craft.

Shifting weather patterns in the country have hit hard, however these actually favoured the crop on the farm with minimal rainfall creating enough stress on the plants to foster flowering, with no leaf rust or coffee berry disease over the season.

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