Colonna Coffee - San José Pacamara, El Salvador [Discovery Filter]
Colonna Coffee

Colonna Coffee - San José Pacamara, El Salvador [Discovery Filter]

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The natural process of this El Salvadorian Pacamara lot gives a surprisingly sweet, rounded and juicy profile.

Roasted on 27 Sept 2021.

With views over the Santa Ana Volcano forest to the peak itself, the San José farm of Federico Pacas Lopez could not sit In a more beautiful spot, with diverse flora and fauna and frequent sightings of red deer, toucans, eagles and sirocco parrots. Located in the Sonsonate region of north-west El Salvador, the farm has slowly been renovated to focus on a far higher quality of coffee, and greater yields from each season.

Divided into ten lots over just seventy hectares the farm is a wondrous garden of cultivar, with many coffee types flourishing in this unique habitat.

Please note: this coffee will be shipped in interim packaging as we await our new bags.

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