Onyx Coffee - Ethiopia Belayneh Bariso Natural
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Onyx Coffee - Ethiopia Belayneh Bariso Natural

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Tasting Notes: Strawberry, Black Tea, Melon, Dried Berries
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This delicate natural-processed coffee comes from the famous Bensa district of Ethiopia. Just a few seasons ago, this coffee would have been blended into our larger Bombe lot, but thanks to Asnake Bekele, we now enjoy the work of Belayneh Bariso all on its own. This coffee is a great example of how terroir and process work together to create a lively and harmonious cup. The work of Belayneh Bariso is just another shining example of why we love naturally processed coffee from Ethiopia.

VARIETY: Heirloom
PROCESS: Natural, Raised-Bed Dried
ELEVATION: 2,226 Meters

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