Cowpresso Coffee - Guatemala San Vincente
Cowpresso Coffee

Cowpresso Coffee - Guatemala San Vincente

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Roasted on 31 Oct 2021.

Tasting notes: Dark Cocoa. Cherry. Toffee.

Recommended for both Filter and Espressos.


Region: Finca Pacaya, Guatemala

Variety: Bourbon, Typica, Caturra

Elevation: 1,800m

Type of Soil: Volcanic soil

Processing: Fully washed.

Wet Mill: San Vicente Pacaya.

Roast profile: Medium Roast

Acidity: Medium

Body: Silky and Balanced

Tasting Experience
Imagine slurping down coffee that taste like a Christmas flavoured chocolate bar. Before tasting, cocoa and cherry aromas are eminent, complimenting the nutty and sweet toffee undertones. Pleasant coffee that is liked by coffee lovers of all appreciation levels!

Farm Information
San Vicente Pacaya is a wet mill nested among mountains and the Pacaya Volcano. Don Cata's family has owned and operated their farm for the past two generations. Shade grown at 1585 meters above sea level, the Catos grows mostly Pache which is a better strain of the Bourbon variety. This coffee is fully washed and then patio dried to produce a cup that tastes like milk chocolate, toffee and candied cherry. They have a water spring inside the property that provides plenty of crystal clean water for the wet processing.

Screen Size & Moisture Level: 18- 42%, 17-62%, 16-32%. Moisture: 10.6%

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