Digital Coffee Sensor Thermometer and adapter for E61 Groupheads – Pro Version
Digital Coffee Sensor Thermometer and adapter for E61 Groupheads – Pro Version
Digital Coffee Sensor Thermometer and adapter for E61 Groupheads – Pro Version
Digital Coffee Sensor Thermometer and adapter for E61 Groupheads – Pro Version

Digital Coffee Sensor Thermometer and adapter for E61 Groupheads – Pro Version

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Digital Coffee Sensor Thermometer and adapter for E61 Groupheads – Pro Version
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Please read product page entirely and the written instructions before / after buying this thermometer.

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Digital Coffee Sensor Thermometer is for those who want the most accurate water temperature measuring product available on the market.


The Pro Version offers exact measuring of water and group head idle temperatures.

We offer lifetime warranty for all metal parts and accessories manufactured by our company.

Therefor, the custom made fitting, the adapter and the special pin, all made from Stainless Steel are covered by warranty.

The Taylor thermometer is covered by full 1 year manufacturer warranty. We cannot offer warranty for the consumables such as gaskets, copper washers, Teflon ferrule or battery.


The Digital Coffee Sensor Thermometer and adapter for E61 Group heads consists of one custom made fitting, single ferrule made in USA from Teflon, special Stainless Steel pin and the latest Taylor Thermometer on the market – the 9841N model.

The Digital Coffee Sensor Thermometer and adapter for E61 Group heads provides instant feedback to the user, of two most desired info of the coffee machine:

1. Group head idle temperature;

2. Water temperature right near the brew point.

Thus providing repeatable, empirical information to help take the guesswork out of the process.

Installation general advices:

The installation of the Digital Coffee Sensor Thermometer and adapter doesn’t need special tools, conditions or high tech knowledge.

There is no need for Teflon tape, sealant, cutting or any sort of adaptations. Everything you need in order to install our product is located in the retail box.

The most important condition is to make sure that your coffee machine model has an E61 exposed group head. Also, check if your machine has the inside thread M6 type. If the insertion process of the adapter needs to much force, stop the installation process and contact us. It’s possible the inside thread is NOT M6. Or it’s possible that you did not insert the sensor straight.

Please understand that the Digital Coffee Sensor Thermometer and adapter is located just near the coffee puck, at a maximum of 1.25″ above. Therefore, the readings the sensor gives you are a little bit different comparing to the actual temperature of the water inside the puck. The difference is approximately 1-2 degrees °C and may vary with different coffee machines models and brew conditions.

The thermometer has both Celsius and Fahrenheit readings. Switch freely using the special button.

Main features of the Digital Coffee Sensor Thermometer and adapter for E61 Groupheads:

1. Stainless steel custom made fitting + pin;
2. Digital Taylor 9841N thermometer with Celsius / Fahrenheit switch button. Working temperature of the thermometer: between -50 and 200 degrees;
3. Two copper sealing washers offered into the box (one spare), that are highly resistant to friction and high temperatures for longer periods of time than classical rubber or Teflon washers;
4. Two Teflon ferrules (washers) gaskets made in USA (one spare), for best anti water leaking mechanism;
5. Two batteries included (one already inside the sensor and one spare);
6. Full installation kit and written instructions included;
7. Adjustable insertion depth of the stainless steel pin. We usually deliver the sensor already calibrated for the best length suitable for most E61 groupheads models and manufacturers. If you have a Vibiemme coffee machine, please specify this in the comments section, during checkout.

Installation steps:
We strongly recommend you to work with an experienced coffee machine technician, for the installation process and usage tips and tricks.
During our own installation process (we do have experience with coffee machines and understand all steps and safety measure), we have taken these next steps:

Remove the M6 hex head screw located on the grouphead with the provided Allen key;
Remove original copper or Teflon washer that was already inside the machine;
Separate the thermometer + fitting from the M6 adapter that goes inside the machine’s grouphead;
Screw the adapter into the grouphead using a new copper washer, on the thread that faces the grouphead. Insert using provided 12 mm fix key;
Insert the thermometer with the stainless steel pin with one ferrule on it inside the M12 nut and all inside the adapter. Before the insertion process, if you hold the thermometer with your left hand, the order that you should see is from left to right: thermometer’s body (in your left hand), 12 mm nut, first and second Teflon ferrules and of course the body of the pin. The thinnest part of the ferrule should face towards the coffee machine group head. Please check product pictures 5 and 6 for your reference;
When you are already inside the adapter with the pin, stop the probe at the desired insertion depth – PLESE SEE ATTACHED PICTURE FOR THE CORRECT LOCATION OF THE TIP;
Holding the thermometer’s body at the desired pin insertion depth and in the correct horizontal orientation, tighten the nut USING A FIX KEY located on front of the fitting;
For pro clients that understand the installation process and all steps and have experience with coffee machines, including the safety checks afterwards, the tightening process of the M12 nut that has the Ferrules inside, can be done using only your fingers. When you start to feel that the tightening process is hard, use two fingers to completely block the M12 nut on the adapter.
During the usage of the adapter and special fitting, clients need to tighten the M12 nut even more, during days, weeks or months of coffee preps, to ensure best Ferrule performance and functioning.
We need to mention that the Ferrules are the component that keeps the thermometer and pin inside the fitting and keeps it from moving or jumping towards the user. So PLEASE PAY ATTENTION to the tightening process and the safety checks before first use and make sure, as we already mentioned, to periodically tighten the M12 nut even more.
Make the leak test, using a blind basket in the PF. For your safety, don’t stay in front of the coffee machine when making this test.
If there are no water leaks present, enjoy ! 🙂
If there are any water leaks, find the source of it. You could tighten more the 12 mm nut that has the ferrule inside or the adapter inside the grouphead with the fix 12 mm key and retest the sensor using the blind basket again.
Remember !
1. You need to use only one set of the two Teflon ferrules or washers inside the fitting.First that goes on the pin is the small washer and the bigger goes second.

2. Use the insertion depth that you wish in order to get the best measures for your machine.
You can use a small metallic paper clip with one bend end, to measure the correct length that you would need, inside your group head.
The clip will tell you where the 90 degrees angled channel start, on the bottom part of the threaded tube inside your group head.
With the bend end facing downwards, insert it inside the group head without the original hex screw inside of course.
In this moment, you should have a clear info (feel) where the 90 degrees downwards channel goes down, towards the puck, is located inside the coffee machine head.
Mark that depth lenght on the metallic paper clip, where the channel starts and stops and that’s the best point where the tip of the sensor should stand out.
Don’t worry about any water flow blockage, since our pin has only 3 mm width.
In this case, even if you go a little bit deeper with the pin’s tip, the water circulation will not be influenced.

Product dimensions:
Assembled sensor: 34 mm width x 73 mm length (including stainless steel pin).
Thermometer mask: 37 x 29.5 mm.
LCD display size: 21 x 10 mm.
Adapter size: 30.3 mm x 12 mm.
Nut: 13.2 mm x 12 mm.
Ferrule: 6.25 mm x 6.4 mm.
Pin length (outside thermometer’s body only): 50 mm.

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