Drop Coffees - La Soledad, Washed Caturra, Guatemala
Drop Coffees - La Soledad, Washed Caturra, Guatemala
Drop Coffees - La Soledad, Washed Caturra, Guatemala
Drop Coffees - La Soledad, Washed Caturra, Guatemala
Drop Coffees - La Soledad, Washed Caturra, Guatemala
Drop Coffees - La Soledad, Washed Caturra, Guatemala
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Drop Coffees - La Soledad, Washed Caturra, Guatemala

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Flavour description: This Caturra is a round coffee with vibrant clementine acidity. Flavour notes of orange marmalade and caramel with a vibrant finish or citrus. The coffee is medium weight and with a smooth mouthfeel. 
Colour: Crisp Orange
Raul Pérez
Location: Acatenango in the Chimaltenango department
Farm Name: 
La Soledad
Varietal: Caturra
Elevation: 1,500 m.a.s.l.
Processing: Washed
Price transparency: The FOB price paid for this coffee was 3,94$/lb.
Roast: Light to medium to present the characteristics of the coffee.

Caturra is a mutation of the bourbon varietal found in Brazil around 1917. Known for its great cup quality and high yield output it spread around south and Central America quickly. Its biggest disadvantage it is susceptibility to leaf rust and requires contestant management. It’s often referred to as the bench mark for other varietals regarding its cup quality.  

About La Soledad

Located in the Acatenango Region of Guatemala, this unique micro climate is nestled between two volcanoes. The closest one to Feuego regularly deposits a bit or fertiliser (read as ash) on the the soil and planted and when me and Steve stopped there you can see it bubbling away at night with an orange glow 

Owned by the Perez family (Henio, Mercedes and two sons Raul and Jose) this special farm is always over subscribed with some of the world biggest coffee roasters. But because of the long term relation ship between us, we are never forgotten and are always one of the lucky few to be able to buy this coffee. The family have been farming the land for the last 120 years and have no plans going anywhere soon. 

The farm its self is 222 acres of which half is natural forest and the other half coffee production. The attention to detail in the farm management and processing is second to none, which is what makes the coffee so popular. 

Raul the oldest son (and our primary contact as we have mutual friends) since entering the farm has took a keen focus on. Cupping and quality, building his own lab and testing area and cupping every lot that comes out of the farm. This means they are able to reject lots that do not meet their strict guidelines and make the final cup amazing for us and you. 

We have both visited Raul a few times, with him coming to collect us from the airport, but back in 2020 both myself and Steve decided to hire a car in Guatemala City and travel to the farm by our selves and we only got lost 3 times on the way. We arrived in the early evening (we were meant to be early afternoon) but we got to catch the end of day coffee processing and watch the sunset, which was magical. But stopping on the farm overnight with all the family really left us with some special memories and La Soledad holds a special place in our hearts. 

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