E&B Lab Quartz Nanotech Screen Shower Screen
E&B Lab Quartz Nanotech Screen Shower Screen
E&B Lab

E&B Lab Quartz Nanotech Screen Shower Screen

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Precision Shower Screen with Nanotech coating

E&B LAB is a division of IMS 

E&B Lab Competition is a division of IMS - this shower screen is an enhanced version of the IMS competition shower screen


The main feature of the coating is the antiadhesion characteristic which simplyfies the cleaning, but above all it creates a shower effect that moisturizes the coffee puck, avoiding channeling through the coffee puck and improving coffee extraction.
During manufacturing, the steel nano-technology is introduced to prevent deposits from forming, allowing a drop-by-drop water flow for unparalleled distribution on the coffee puck.

E&B Lab Quartz Nanotechnology Shower Screen is an unmatched, quality shower screen,  with a filtering membrane integrated inside the body.

E&B LAB E61 has 29 more holes than the IMS nanotech screen and the holes are smaller.

NT Features:

  • The unique design and Quartz Nanotechnology  will improve the water flow, make the cleaning process of the shower a simple wipe and increase extraction consistency, more durable and more resistant.​​​​​​​
  • This shower screen is coated with the application of NanoQuartz nanotechnology, a High Coating that enhances the non-sticky feature of this shower.
  • Non-stick coating made of NANOQUARTZ increases the resistance to corrosion and chemical reaction.
  • Certified for food contact.
  • The reinforcement guarantees the non-deformability of the shower even when the coffee is overdosed, maintaining the flatness over time.


Dimensions:  External 60 mm x  Internal 57MM  x Wall height 17mm

Holes area:    Ø 2.4 mm, 127 holes -  
 (IMS Nanotech E61 Shower Holes area:  Ø 3 mm, 98 holes)

Material: Stainless steel AISI304  and NSF 51 Food Safe certified

Shower type: Reinforced,  photo-etched, integrated membrane 200 µm

Made in Italy 

Fits most E61 coffee machines standard groups

  • Ascaso models   (--> not suitable for PID as basket is 2mm taller) 
  • Bezzera, Bfc, Bianchi, Brasilia, Bianchi
  • Casadio
  • D.I.D.
  • ECM, Expobar
  • Faema, Fiorenzato, Fiamma RST, Fiamac, Futura, Futurmat 
  • Grimac
  • Iberital, Isomac 
  • Kees Van Der Westen
  • La Nuova Era, La Scala, L'Orchestrale
  • Lelit: Mara PL62S, PL62, PL62X, PL62W, Bianca, 
  • la Pavoni 
  • Quality Espresso
  • Rocket, Royal First
  • SAB Italia, Sanremo, SV
  • Vibiemme, Visacrem
  • Wega

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