Eureka Mignon Zero
Eureka Mignon Zero
Eureka Mignon Zero
Eureka Mignon Zero

Eureka Mignon Zero

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Foremost among the popular features of the Eureka Mignon Zero is Mignon single dose blow-up cleaning.

Conceived for specialty coffee, the blowing mechanism generates an airflow able to clean the grinding chamber. This will grind all the coffee beans, without waste, for a perfect coffee in the cup.

The Mignon Zero is a solid and silent grinder. The silent technology makes the Mignon Zero 20db less noisy than conventional grinders.

The ACE system of the Mignon Zero regulates the coffee outflow for outstanding cleanliness and dose consistency.

The ACE system is the common denominator in every Eureka on-demand grinder. It’s designed to prevent clump development and eliminate the electrostatic charge of ground coffee.

The Zero also has stepless micrometric regulation. This offers infinite adjustment points and guarantees incomparable grinding performance. It allows maintenance operations without losing the grinding setting.

To further enhance customer experience, Zero’s high-speed maintenance feature allows easy dismantling of the burr holder to replace or clean the consistent, high-productivity 55mm burrs.


The Eureka Mignon Zero comes with a 15g single dose hopper and a new 45g dosing cup with a revolving metal tab designed to grind a single shot.

Its adjustable all-in-one fork is perfectly compatible with both Eureka’s dosing cup and any portafilter.

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