Mortal Carter Move Mug - Onyx Black - 12oz
Mortal Carter Move Mug - Onyx Black - 12oz
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Mortal Carter Move Mug - Onyx Black - 12oz

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Our friends at Fellow redesigned the tumbler with drinking coffee in mind. And they outdid themselves. Most tumblers don't take your sensory experience seriously. Be prepared to enjoy your coffee again. Onyx skull printed on one side and our 'Never Settle for Good Enough' motto on the opposite.

  • Wide-mouth design - Now when you sip your coffee, you'll be able to smell it. 
  • Drinkable Lip - The lip is tapered and feels great, something you never thought of till now. 
  • Snap-in Splash Guard - Drink comfortably, on-the-go
  • Ceramic Coating - No more tasting the metal inside of your mug
  • Pour over Compatible - Brew straight into your mug
  • Insulated - Good for 12 hours hot and 24 hours cold
  • Leak-proof Seal - Throw it in your bag, when walking out your door
  • Slim-width - Cup holder-friendly if you're driving

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