Fellow Ode Gen2 Burrs
Fellow Ode Gen2 Burrs
Fellow Ode Gen2 Burrs

Fellow Ode Gen2 Burrs

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Pretty special looking burrs with a two-stage grinding geometry. These burrs from Fellow will upgrade your Ode grinder to produce a sweet, balanced, complex cup with enough clarity to respect the coffee.

Whether you’re a light roast drinker looking to increase extraction yield, or a medium and dark roast lover seeking rich chocolate and toffee notes, these burrs have something for everyone.

Features :

  • Stainless steel
  • 64mm

These new shiny burrs will assist in grinding for finer brews but are definitely not for espresso.

Grind capabilities with the Gen 2 burrs: 250- 300 microns and upward ( compared to 550 microns with standard burrs)

Suitable for pour over, french press, drip coffee, aeropress and cold brew, bur remember not espresso!

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