Five Senses Coffee - Abebe Cherfo, Ethiopia
Five Senses Coffee

Five Senses Coffee - Abebe Cherfo, Ethiopia

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Taste Notes: Candied lime, bergamot with layered apricot & juicy fruit.

Smallholders like Abebe have historically struggled against Ethiopian export laws to retain control and traceability of their coffee. With rules changing several years ago, the Jabanto group of farmers formed to help specialty coffee producing smallholders to export their coffee directly. And for this, we’re very thankful because Abebe’s ‘Bishari’ (small variety) coffee is delicious! Local landrace varieties Kurume, 74112 and 74165 grow on Abebe’s farm in the foothills of Rego Mountain where he produces this meticulously washed process, organic coffee. Full of fruit and delicate florals, we know you’ll enjoy!

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