Five Senses Coffee - Brazil Bom Jardin, Pulped Natural (Espresso)
Five Senses Coffee

Five Senses Coffee - Brazil Bom Jardin, Pulped Natural (Espresso)

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Taste Notes: Rich & balanced with maple syrup & orange fudge body.

Establishing his estate in 1972, Josué Pereira Figueiredo is Brazilian coffee expertise at its best. The SanCoffee collective, one of Five Senses’ longest relationships, oversees an impressively consistent and sophisticated coffee community. Growing up amongst coffee fields, Josué Pereira Figueiredo had his eyes on farming from an early age and established Bom Jardim Estate in 1972 at just 26 years old! Bom Jardim has a vast, sprawling 230 hectares of orchard-like rows of trees surrounded by 154 hectares of preservation. This lot is a great example of the quality-at-scale that has made Brazil the world’s leading producer of Arabica. Ripening a bright yellow, this Catucaí varietal goes through the pulped natural process delivering a rich, balanced cup.

Suggested Recipe
In: 21.5g Out: 44g Time: 29sec Temp: 94.5°C

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