Five Senses Coffee - Lass Malo, PNG Washed
Five Senses Coffee

Five Senses Coffee - Lass Malo, PNG Washed

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Taste Notes: Sweet pineapple, dark chocolate & red currant.

In the Eastern Highlands of PNG, wife and husband team Maureen Ken and Ken Dumudi built a coffee factory. Its location was marked by a solitary tree, the last of its kind. Lass MaloLast Treewas born. Local led, supporting accessibility and quality, with prosperity of the remote farming community at heart: Lass Malo Coffee provides a bridge for smallholder producers to sell their coffee at a sustainable price. The abundant river systems and lush rainforest valleys of the Eastern Highlands of PNG provide incredible potential for high-quality coffee. But the difficult terrain has long made access to equipment and sorting facilities unattainable for local farmers. Enter Maureen Ken, a local businesswoman with a mission to help rural farmers and their communities realise their harvest’s true potential. In 2015 she established Lass Malo Coffee with her husband Ken Dumudi, investing in much-needed quality systems and infrastructure. Building long term relationships with local producers, they now employ 8 full-time staff, with around 20-30 local women hand-sorting the graded beans. Experience the delicious results here, including pineapple, red currant and dark chocolate.

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