Glee Coffee Roasters - Kibiru AA, Benson Njagi, Kenya
Glee Coffee Roasters - Kibiru AA, Benson Njagi, Kenya
Glee Coffee Roasters

Glee Coffee Roasters - Kibiru AA, Benson Njagi, Kenya

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Tasting Notes: Apricot, Black Tea.
Recommended for Espresso/Filter.

RegionKibiru, Kiambu, Kenya
By: Benson Njagi
Process: Washed
Altitude: 1700 m

This Kenya AA an exciting one for all the coffee snobs out there… AA is a unique quality grading term which describes the size of the coffee bean. The individual green beans are larger in diameter (between 7-8mm each) and there is usually a correlation between this grading and the flavour quality. Bottom line, it tastes gooood. 

The Kiburu coffee factory is led by Benson Njagi alongside many wonderful permanent and seasonal coffee producers. The factory uses disc pulper technology to remove the skin and fruit of the cherry while protecting the green bean. After pulping, an overnight fermentation process begins. The beans are then cleaned, soaked and dried on raised tables. This drying process alone can take between 7-15 days depending on the climate. The coffee varietal used is SL28, a drought-resistant Arabica coffee, that is native to Africa.

We love this coffee coz: It’s unique. Kenyan coffee is always something special, but to have the AA in our hot little hands is pretty darn awesome. It has a cupping score of 88.5 (that’s really really good) and we know you’re gonna love it.

Our Glee family have roasted this coffee to suit both espresso/filter applications.

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