Glee Coffee Roasters - Lulirema Timor-Leste Natural
Glee Coffee Roasters - Lulirema Timor-Leste Natural
Glee Coffee Roasters

Glee Coffee Roasters - Lulirema Timor-Leste Natural

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Tasting Notes: Vanilla, Peaches & Cream.
Recommended for Espresso/Filter.

REGION: Hatolia, Timor-Leste

PRODUCER: Lulirema Washing Station


VARIETAL: Timor/Typica

PROCESS: Natural

TASTING: Vanilla, Peaches & Cream

Lulirema washing station was established by Peter Dougan, an Aussie living in Timor Leste, under the Farmpro organisation. Farmpro provides seeds, fertilizer and training to smallholder vegetable producers in the region who then operate at the station.

The local climate can make coffee production tricky, between arid weather and a short rainy season there are many challenges to overcome. Timor-Leste has also endured a tumultuous socio-political history, and coffee has helped in the growth of the nation’s economy, creating freedom for local business to grow.

This coffee is a natural process, where the cherries are laid on raised beds to sundry, for up to 28 days. The result is a unique flavour of vanilla and caramelised fruits, with a full and sweet mouthfeel.

We love this coffee cos’: It’s always good to share coffee with our neighbours! We’re excited for the future of specialty coffee in Timor-Leste.

Our Glee family has roasted this coffee to suit both espresso/filter applications. We've partnered with our friend and budding Central Coast artist, Jolie Samways for this seasonal design. (@joliesgallery)

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