Hasbean - Blake: Black Blend

Hasbean - Blake: Black Blend

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Tasting notes: Toffee, plum jam, sultana.

This is Blake, our black blend. It celebrates a more syrupy, Natural process-led espresso and was created to deliver a slightly more punchy 'old school' experience.

Our range of coffees here at Hasbean changes with the seasons, so throughout the year different coffees come and go. As this happens, we update our blends to reflect that seasonality. The coffees in this season’s Blake are:

  • 50% El Salvador Finca Argentina Estate Natural Bourbon
  • 30%  El Salvador Nejapa Roma Red Washed Caturra
  • 30% Nicaragua Finca Limoncillo Estate Natural Bourbon

Thick and creamy toffee meets sweet and sticky plum jam with a sprinkling of sultanas in a blend made of 100% naturally processed coffees.

CUPPING NOTES: Toffee, plum jam, sultana.

Recommended Brew Recipe
Dose: 18.5g
Yield: 38g
Brew time: 32-34 seconds
(we recommend this as a starting point that we enjoy, tweak to personal taste)

Roast Information
Medium-dark - slow it down once you reach the crack, and drop this with the very first pops of second crack.

Resting Recommendation
We recommend a minimum 7 day rest after the date of roasting before brewing this coffee as espresso, but there's a lot of personal preference in that. So, by all means, please brew whenever you like!


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