Haynes Silicon Foodsafe HiTemp grease

Haynes Silicon Foodsafe HiTemp grease

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Haynes Silicone Grease is a food-grade grease that can be used on a variety of application in food and pharmaceutical plants where incidental food contact may occur. Haynes Silicone Grease is NSF rated H-1 and made from ingredients that are FDA approved. This sanitary grease complies with all regulatory agencies.

Temperature range: -10 F (-23 C) to 500F (260C).

Haynes Silicone Grease is specifically formulated with the highest quality silicone fluid and additives to meet the unique demands placed on all types of food processing equipment. This grease will prevent valves and o-rings from sticking in both high temperature and low temperature (freezing) conditions. Haynes Silicone Grease can be used in high vacuum or pressure systems to seal synthetic rubber and plastic parts that come in contact with metal. The grease is inert and will resist many chemicals. It can be effectively used on EPDM & Silicone seals where grease compatibility is a concern

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