Homeground Coffee - Finca Monteblanco, Colombia (Filter)
Homeground Coffee

Homeground Coffee - Finca Monteblanco, Colombia (Filter)

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Tasting Notes: Floral, Passionfruit, Pineapple, Red Plum and Juicy.

Coffee: Finca Monteblanco
Region: Huila
Origin: Colombia
Process: Washed
Varietal: Purple Caturra
Elevation: 1730 masl

Purple Caturra is a new varietal introduced by Rodrigo Sanchez, the producer from Monteblanco. When the cherries ripen, they deepen to purple, hence the name Purple Caturra. Rodrigo and his team ensure all the cherries Brix is measured before they decide on the processing method. 

Brix is a unit of measurement for sugar content in the cherries (mucilage). This measurement will help the producers decide on which processing protocols to proceed with. 

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