Homeground Coffee - Lollipop V3 Espresso
Homeground Coffee

Homeground Coffee - Lollipop V3 Espresso

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Tasting Notes:

As a White coffee: Milk Tea, Malty, White Chocolate

As a Black coffee: Kefir Lime, Blackberry, Syrupy with Black Tea FinishRed Apple, Caramel, Milk Chocolate. 


Lollipop is back! The last Lollipop we had was a double Rwandan coffee. Now we have a new composition of a double Ethiopian which tastes great or not better than before. 

V3 tasted a lot like our favorite childhood ice cream, Paddle Pop which explains the colorful illustrations we did for this version. 

50% Gigesa, Ethiopia
50% Mesina, Ethiopia

If you would like us to grind your coffee, please leave us a comment before check out on the brewing equipment used, so we know the appropriate grind size to grind the coffee.

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