Kinu Silicone Gripbands (Set of 2)

Kinu Silicone Gripbands (Set of 2)

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The Kinu Silicone Grip Bands improve handling the grinder for steady grinding action when more force is needed to grind a finer particle size, for espresso for example.

The Kinu Grinder range delivers a high-end experience in portable, manual coffee hand-grinders. Featuring extraordinary precision and reliability in producing the expected grind size ideal for brewing espresso and can comfortably grind for filter style coffee time and time again.

Compatible with the Kinu M47 Phoenix Grinder originally, it will fit all Kinu M47 Range Hand Grinders.

Improved Stability – With extra grip whilst grinding no more unfortunate slips or drops.

Reliable Action – With reliable action comes consistent grinds created.

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