Kiss the Hippo Coffee - George Street Blend
Kiss the Hippo Coffee - George Street Blend
Kiss the Hippo Coffee

Kiss the Hippo Coffee - George Street Blend

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Tasting Notes: Chocolate. Berries, Butterscotch.
Recommended for Espresso.


50% Peru - San Ignacio, Washed

50% Ethiopia - Fahem, Natural


Certified Organic by the Soil Association, George Street Blend is our go-to house coffee. Strong enough to shine through milk, George Street is carefully roasted to highlight the coffee’s robust, natural flavours, while also pushing through a deep sweetness that helps create a syrupy body. This version of our mainstay blend was created by combining two coffees from different sides of the world: the Peruvian coffee San Ignacio, which provides sweet caramels and red berries, and the Ethiopian Fahem, which adds sweetness and body.

Located in the north of Peru, close to the border of Ecuador, the town of San Ignacio is nestled along the Andes mountain range. With around 15,000 inhabitants, it’s the largest population centre within a two-hour driving distance. The area is characterised by steep and lush slopes, covered in curling, single-track roads. In 2001, 106 coffee farmers came together from the local town to set up a cooperative. They used this platform to share knowledge and tips, in order to help each other improve quality. Thus, UNICAFEC was formed. Nowadays, the cooperative counts a total of 385 members, one third of which is female. In fact, this particular lot is 100% female produced.

The Fahem coffee plantation is located in Ethiopia, in the Limmu Saka district of the Jimma Zone in the Oromia region. The farm covers 200 hectares with an altitude ranging from 1,855 to 1,958 metres above sea level. The farm is located in one of the most beautiful natural forest areas of the country, so the plantation is managed with maximum care to keep the natural ecosystem intact. There are more than 15 tree species on the plantation serving as shade trees for the coffee, and the farm works in harmony with the surrounding farmers by involving them as out-growers.

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