Kiss the Hippo Coffee - George Street Blend
Kiss the Hippo Coffee - George Street Blend
Kiss the Hippo Coffee - George Street Blend
Kiss the Hippo Coffee

Kiss the Hippo Coffee - George Street Blend

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Tasting Notes: Caramel, Red Berries, Chocolate.
Recommended for Espresso. 

Roasted on 3 September 2021.

75% Colombia - Los Vascos, Washed
25% Rwanda - Sholi, Washed

Certified organic by the Soil Association, this version of our George St. Blend is 100% direct trade, meaning we worked directly with the producers or co-operative to ensure a sustainable supply chain. Strong enough to shine through milk, George St. is carefully roasted to highlight the coffee’s robust, natural flavors. This version of our mainstay blend was created by blending two coffees from producer co-operatives: the Colombian Los Vascos and a Rwandan coffee called Sholi. Together, they create a coffee that is a crowd-pleasing combination of sweetness and strength.

Los Vascos is a community lot we source from producers who live around the small town of Planadas in Colombia’s Tolima region. Last autumn we travelled to the town for our first sourcing trip and while there cupped through dozens of lots to help define just what we wanted Vascos to be. In George St., Vascos gives the coffee much of its body and chocolate flavours.

The Rwandan co-operative Sholi was born out of a women producer group called Kundwa. Looking to grow, they decided to build a co-operative as a force for good in the community and so they put that ethos into their new name. Sholi was started in 2008 and the name translates to “mutual assistance.” The co-operative has been working together to support its members by offering training, financing, and health insurance, as well as building medical centres, wells and a village community centre.


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