Kiss the Hippo Coffee - Honduras Jerusalen
Kiss the Hippo Coffee

Kiss the Hippo Coffee - Honduras Jerusalen

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Description: Unique and Interesting
Tasting Notes: Wild Strawberry, Peach, Jammy
Acidity: 4
Body: 4

Recommended for espresso and filters.

Producer Victorio Cruz
Cultivar Red Catuai & Typica
Process Anaerobic Natural
Location Guajiquiro
1,700 masl
Harvest February - April

Don Victorio resides in Guajiquiro Honduras, this area is home to the Lenca "people of the jaguar" , the largest indigenous community in Honduras.
This Anaerobic Natural process isn’t the usual fermentation heavy style, expect florals alongside juicy red and stone fruit. Showcasing the terroir of this wonderful region.

Victorio and his family have grown coffee for 50 years since 1980, they have maintained the oldest coffee varieties in the country even with the impact of rust that caused great losses and their only alternative was to seek technical assistance to improve the nutrition of the farmers. soils through organic and foliar fertilizers that are friendly to the environment.
Over time they decided to make changes in their facilities to improve the process of fermentation, washing and drying of coffee involving the whole family, once with the coffee in a dry parchment state they looked for information to participate in the cup of excellence and managed to be in the top one of the best 10 coffee samples, 4th place in cup of excellence in 2011 that year the effort of the Cruz Mendoza family was reflected.

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