Kiss the Hippo Coffee - Honduras, Tuma
Kiss the Hippo Coffee - Honduras, Tuma
Kiss the Hippo Coffee - Honduras, Tuma
Kiss the Hippo Coffee

Kiss the Hippo Coffee - Honduras, Tuma

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Tasting Notes: Green Apple, Black Tea, Jasmine.
Recommended for Filter.

Lalita has been in Maria’s family for over three generations, passing to her from her father Ernest who taught her everything she knows about farming. The Java cultivar she grows was originally planted by Ernest years ago. When specialty coffee first exploded he became excited by the possibilities that planting unique cultivars could bring, so he planted a few on the farm. As Maria grew older she began taking on more and more of the production, and is now tending to each lot.

The Java cultivar comes from a selection of seeds in Ethiopia that made their way to Cameroon before settling in Costa Rica in the early 90s. Like a lot of good seeds they spread throughout Central America, being passed around various coffee research farms. Popping up in Panama, Nicaragua and Honduras, producers eventually got hold of the coffee. Known to be disease-resistant and tasting incredible, Java is often considered a sibling to gesha as one of the great coffee cultivars.

Producer Maria Ligia Saldaña
Cultivar Java
Process Washed
Location San Luis, Santa Barbara
1,400 - 1,500 masl
Harvest December - February


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