Colonna Coffee - Los Duran Centroamericano, Costa Rica [Rare Filter]
Colonna Coffee

Colonna Coffee - Los Duran Centroamericano, Costa Rica [Rare Filter]

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This Black-Honey processed H1 Centroamericano lot is spicy and rounded with deep syrupy sweetness.

On the Duran family farm of Santa Teresa, Eduardo works alongside his three sons who help to continue the work their father has refined over many decades. The farm is located in the West Valley region of Costa Rica near the village of Sarchi, and is split into two and three hectare plots, each growing a variety of coffee cultivar at varying elevations.

Grown alongside Sarchimore, this F1 hybrid lot is a cross between Ethiopian landrace and Sarchimore, and is known as H1 Centroamericano. Over the past year a micromilll has been built on the farm, a hugely labour-intensive project but one that has added enormous value and scope for Eduardo and his family.

This lot has used Black-Honey processing, dried on raised beds for twenty one days in the new micromill greenhouses.

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