Market Lane - Ayla, Ethiopia (Filter)
Market Lane - Ayla, Ethiopia (Filter)
Market Lane - Ayla, Ethiopia (Filter)
Market Lane - Ayla, Ethiopia (Filter)
Market Lane Coffee

Market Lane - Ayla, Ethiopia (Filter)

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Tasting Notes: Floral with lemon and black tea.

Recommended for Filter.

Origin: Sidama, Ethiopia
Varieties: JARC 74110 & 74112
Process: washed
Producer: Testi Coffee (between 650-750 local coffee growers)
Relationship length: Since 2018

This lot of coffee was grown in Ethiopia’s Aroresa District and processed at the Ayla washing station. Ayla is one of 20 washing stations owned and run by Testi Coffee, a family business founded by Faysel Yonis that aims to support and grow with the farming communities that produce their coffee. With this in mind, Testi established their Project Direct program, which focuses on directly supporting coffee-farming families in tangible and positive ways. Through Project Direct, Testi has now built two primary schools and helped communities located near their more remote washing stations access clean water and electricity.

Around 700 producers deliver their freshly picked coffee cherries to the Ayla washing station at harvest time. The majority of these producers farm organically on small plots of land (around 2–5 hectares in size). These farms sit at an average elevation of 1950–2150 metres above sea level. The high altitude, combined with the area’s cool temperatures, causes the coffee cherries to ripen slowly, ultimately leading to denser beans and a sweet and complex cup profile.

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