Market Lane - Banko Calcale, Ethiopia
Market Lane Coffee

Market Lane - Banko Calcale, Ethiopia

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Tasting Notes: Vibrant sweetness with plum and lychee.
Recommended for Filter.

Producer Bogale Turkey grows and processes coffee on his 13-hectare farm, Banko Calcale. The farm’s high elevation – a staggering 2019 metres – combined with the Gedeb area’s cool climate leads to a slow ripening of the coffee cherries, which ultimately produces denser, sweeter beans. Like many smallholder producers in Ethiopia, Bogale farms organically and processes his coffee using the natural method.

Bogale is a participant in the Lalisaa Project, a three-year program that offers resources, support and training to help producers improve their growing and processing practices and, ultimately, the yield and quality of their coffee. While COVID-19 has stalled some phases of the Lalisaa Project, many participating farmers have already recorded a big improvement in quality and, like Bogale, have been able to receive higher premiums for their coffees.

This is the first time we've offered coffee from Banko Calcale. We love how sweet and fruit forward this lot is tasting in the cup, and we hope to work with Bogale for many years to come!

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