Market Lane - El Diamante, Colombia Filter
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Market Lane - El Diamante, Colombia Filter

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Tasting Notes: Honeycomb sweetness with peach and blueberry.
Recommended for Filter.

Origin: Cajamarca, Tolima, Colombia
Variety: Pink Bourbon
Process: washed
Producer: Neftali Castro
Relationship length: since 2022

This coffee was produced at El Diamante farm in Colombia’s Cajamarca municipality. At 30 hectares, the farm is about ten times the size of the average farm in the area. It’s owned by the Castro family, who for generations mainly grew food crops on the land. That changed in 2008, when Neftali Castro returned to the family’s farm and took over its management.

From the outset, Neftali’s focus was on coffee production. He planted many hectares of coffee, established careful farming practices and built a small wet mill on-site. All his hard work has paid off – the farm’s coffees have placed in the Cup of Excellence on two occasions, and Neftali is now considered a role model in his community and a champion for coffee production in the area.

This lot of coffee is made up of Pink Bourbon beans – a recently identified Ethiopian landrace (heirloom) variety. A beautiful example of a Pink Bourbon coffee, it’s intensely sweet and complex with an elegant acidity.

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