Market Lane - El Fuerte, Bolivia
Market Lane Coffee

Market Lane - El Fuerte, Bolivia

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Tasting Notes: Sweet and clean with notes of hazelnut and mandarin.
Recommended for Espresso.

Origin: Samaipata, Bolivia
Varieties: Caturra
Process: washed
Producer: Rodríguez family
Relationship length: since 2009

We’ve been offering coffee from the Rodríguez family in Bolivia since 2011. Most of that coffee was produced in the established coffee-growing region of Caranavi near the capital, La Paz. This coffee comes from Samaipata, an emerging growing region near the country’s largest city, Santa Cruz.

The Samaipata area is verdant and beautiful. A scenic riverside road leads to a picturesque town, and the surrounding valleys boast a subtropical climate, high elevations and fertile soil. Twelve years ago, the Rodríguez family recognised the coffee-growing potential of the area and established El Fuerte farm here. It was a big risk, but it paid off – the distinctive environment helped produce excellent coffee, and the family went on to establish three more farms and a wet mill in the region.

We’ve roasted this coffee for espresso drinkers to enjoy. In the cup, it’s sweet and clean with a rich, creamy mouthfeel and notes of hazelnut and mandarin.

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