Market Lane - Familia Santana, Brazil (Filter)
Market Lane Coffee

Market Lane - Familia Santana, Brazil (Filter)

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Tasting Notes: Milk chocolate and vanilla with a soft apricot finish.

Recommended for Filter.

Origin: Piatã, Brazil
Variety: red & yellow catuaí 
Process: pulped natural 
Producer: Jose Santana and family
Relationship length: since 2020

This coffee was produced by Jose Santana and his family outside the town of Piatã, in Brazil’s Bahia state. The Piatã area has become well-known over the last decade for the sweet and complex coffees produced there.

When Jose first inherited the four-hectare property, it had never been planted with crops of any kind. Recognising Piatã’s excellent coffee-growing conditions, he planted red and yellow catuaí variety trees, which now grow alongside mangoes and beans to help supplement the family’s income.

The Santana family processed this coffee using the pulped natural method. At harvest time, the coffee cherries were picked at peak ripeness, and then sorted by weight and mechanically pulped. The coffee was laid out to dry with the mucilage still attached for 10–20 days, and raked regularly to ensure an even and consistent dry. The result of all this careful work is a very sweet and distinct coffee with a lovely lifted acidity.

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