Market Lane - Finca Mocoa, Colombia (Filter)
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Market Lane - Finca Mocoa, Colombia (Filter)

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Tasting Notes: Apricot and plum with black tea.

Roast date 17 March.

Recommended for Filter.

Origin: Aponte, Colombia
Variety: caturra & colombia
Process: honey
Producer: Eduardo Chasoy
Relationship length: since 2021

Finca Mocoa is produced by Eduardo Chasoy and family on their tiny 1-hectare farm which is located in the remote town of Aponte, in Nariño, Colombia. The farm sits at a staggering 2,100 metres above sea level. The town of Aponte is incredibly hard to reach, as it is found deep inside the Juanambú Canyon National Park.

Eduardo is a gentle and generous coffee producer who is recognised as a leader in Aponte’s farming community due to his efforts in educating his colleagues on the benefits of growing coffee for the specialty market. Eduardo is also a big proponent of the ‘honey’ processing method and spends much of his time training other farmers on the best practices required to achieve excellent results.

This special coffee from Eduardo is honey processed. After pulping the coffee was laid out to dry without washing, leaving a layer of mucilage (coffee fruit) on the coffee beans. This processing method works particularly well in Aponte, thanks to the high elevation and windy, cool climate, which helps the coffee dry more quickly and evenly than at lower elevations. The result is a coffee that is full-bodied and complex and absolutely delicious!

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